Microsoft 365 Copilot Adoption

Copilot is the collective term for artificial intelligence from Microsoft that brings fundamental changes to work habits. You can also use Copilot in Microsoft 365, and we will show you its strengths and teach you how to integrate it into your daily work.

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Why adopt Microsoft 365 Copilot with Digiskills?

It is crucial to be able to recognize how modern tools can help us achieve better results, save time, and energy. Any company today has revolutionary AI integrated into products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or Teams, thanks to Microsoft.

We will show you how you can use Copilot to work more efficiently and help you think about work from a new, more modern perspective, using AI technologies. The goal is for work to not only be easier but also bring you more joy, with Microsoft 365 Copilot becoming a natural part of it.

Have you deployed Microsoft 365 Copilot or are you planning to?

How does the Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption work?

  • Digital adoption is an academy for the whole company. It combines different educational formats and it aims at specific groups of employees, at company management and rank-and-file employees, at specific departments, specific teams and individuals.
  • We will find out where the space for the Copilot is.

    We will map out the needs of your company and identify where the opportunities are to utilize Copilot.

  • Let's see how you are doing.

    If you are already using Copilot, we will see if you are utilizing its potential.

  • We will open an educational path for you.

    We have prepared content consisting of practical webinars, or we can create a tailor-made educational program to meet your needs.

  • We get you excited and inspired

    We will organize motivational workshops for selected groups of people, kick-starting the process of change.

  • Change process based on the ADKAR methodology

    The methodology we follow is not just about change; it is a path to strengthen the team, increase productivity, and achieve goals with clearly defined steps.

Client references who have undergone
Microsoft 365 adoption

Dominika Steinbachová

Great program that helped me a lot with navigating the M365 apps. The combination of webinars and hands-on training was ideal to understand how the applications work and where the pitfalls are. Collaborating with other participants and sharing experiences across organizations is very helpful.


Dominika Steinbachová

Český florbal

The program exceeded my expectations! It is not just another collection of theoretical knowledge, but a great combination of self-learning in the form of short videos, live webinars and practical skills development in interactive training sessions. What I appreciate most is the link to practical application and the focus on less common topics, such as sharing experiences of putting M365 into practice in real companies or the principles of implementing change in society in general. I can only recommend it to anyone who is interested in modern tools and wants to learn not only how to use Microsoft 365 tools, but also how to pass on their knowledge and experience.


Tomáš Zdvořilý

SUEZ CZ a.s.

The Academy is an excellent tutorial for streamlining your work with M365 products. It focuses mainly on collaboration in MS Teams, on communication, sharing documents and information, and connecting with other applications. This program is beneficial for complete beginners as well as more advanced users. I really appreciate the ability to ask specific questions directly through online webinars and training. Honza Dolejš is an excellent trainer.


Tamara Kujalová


The Digiskills programme introduced the advantages of the Microsoft365 enterprise solution and taught users how to discover the potential of the Microsoft Teams application in practice. The entire program was not just a promotional giveaway, but also included reminders on where the limitations are for now and how to deal with them. A very good opportunity was offered to constantly ask questions of more experienced people as well as to test knowledge in a real environment.


Stanislav Hrda

ALEF Distribution SK, s.r.o.
Žena s mazanicí

What adoption will bring you

  • Every member of your organization will have the opportunity to learn with new technology.
    Give everyone the opportunity to see the possibilities, opportunities, and ways to advance their work through modern technologies, led by AI.
  • You will get inspiration on how to use Copilot.
    We will show you a variety of practical uses and situations that you are familiar with from your everyday practice and teach you how to incorporate AI into them.
  • You will develop your digital mindset.
    Microsoft 365 Copilot is not the only thing we can teach you to work with. With us, you have the opportunity to review your digital skills and systematically develop in other areas and abilities.
  • Systematic and organized education
    We offer a ready-made and precisely assembled program that will guide you through the basics and teach you how to practically use Microsoft 365 Copilot. If you want more, we will delve deeper with you and prepare an individualized learning path for you.

Let's finally change it together!

Contact us and we will show you the entire adoption program step by step.