Microsoft Office 365

The Microsoft 365 solution brings much more than the familiar Word, Excel or Outlook. Get to know the other cloud tools from this package that will allow you to collaborate more effectively in the company.

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Microsoft Office 365

Why is the topic important? 

Many companies use only a fraction of what Microsoft 365 brings. And that's a shame! Of course, no one has time to play with applications at work and research what they are for. And that's what we're here for. We will show you the Microsoft 365 ecosystem with specific examples. Including how we ourselves use these tools in the company. You will understand what they are for, how to find your way around them and how to make various everyday situations of your working day easier thanks to them.

    What can we teach you?

    • You will understand how the cloud works and how Microsoft 365 fits into it
    • You will familiarize yourself with the applications and what they are for
    • You will learn to communicate better using Teams or Outlook
    • You will work more efficiently with files and master OneDrive and SharePoint applications
    • You will find out how to record notes and tasks in OneNote, Planner or ToDo applications
    • and much more....

    Our teaching methods



    Thanks to microlearning, we dose your digital revolution into individual lifehacks, which you can master even during a coffee break.

    Živé workshopy a webináře

    Live workshops and webinars

    Regular workshops and webinars give students the necessary contact with authority in the form of our friendly and experienced lecturers.

    Přehledný studijní portál

    Transparent study portal

    All study materials, links to educational videos, registration for workshops and other materials can be found in our study environment.


    We mould the ambassadors

    Our graduates become a solid point of digital transformation and can bring positive change to every work team.

    What we've prepared about this theme?

    Digiskills webinars
    Digitipy pro nedisciplinované chaotiky

    Digitipy pro nedisciplinované chaotiky

    Webinář pro nejvíc nedisciplinované chaotiky! Eva Jokes - chaotik první třídy, vám ukáže svoje tipy, které si odnáší z nejrůznějších time management metod.

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    16. 4. 2024
    HR Heroes

    HR Heroes

    Use the full potential of Microsoft 365 in HR. Set your ideal flow; digitize and automate your daily tasks.

    13. 5. 2024
    365 Heroes

    365 Heroes

    Give it two months, and you will master Microsoft 365 apps while also being prepared for the intricacies of all systems and able to transfer these skills to your colleagues.

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    Microsoft Copilot 365 Academy

    Microsoft Copilot 365 Academy

    We have prepared educational content in Czech language for you and offer a comprehensive program in which we will introduce you to the most promising AI of today. Everything is clear, concise, and understandable.

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