Personal development

Each of us can constantly discover and improve our own work and coexistence with digital technologies. Learn to support your digital mindset, discover new ways and methods of working with the computer, mobile, applications and tools around us. But also learn to find a balance and evaluate when technology is more of a nuisance and you need to take a break from it.

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Personal development

Why is the topic important?

We start with the alarm clock, notifications on the mobile phone, e-mails, shopping list, photo albums and end with setting a secure password, for example. How to set up your flow, your own environment to suit your needs? We bring you lots of tips, apps and ideas on how to do it.

    What can we teach you? 

    • We will go through the most important digital competencies according to DigComp 2.2
    • How to find and verify information in a digital environment
    • The art of task management - manage your tasks effectively, learn to work with energy and concentration
    • Create graphics, work with videos or presentations simply but interestingly
    • We will also touch on digital security, automation or even travel

    Our teaching methods



    Thanks to microlearning, we dose your digital revolution into individual lifehacks, which you can master even during a coffee break.

    Živé workshopy a webináře

    Live workshops and webinars

    Regular workshops and webinars give students the necessary contact with authority in the form of our friendly and experienced lecturers.

    Přehledný studijní portál

    Transparent study portal

    All study materials, links to educational videos, registration for workshops and other materials can be found in our study environment.


    We mould the ambassadors

    Our graduates become a solid point of digital transformation and can bring positive change to every work team.

    What we've prepared about this theme?

    Digiskills webinars
    Digitální Safari #27: S čím pracuje učitel angličtiny, Broňa Sobotka?

    Digitální Safari #27: S čím pracuje učitel angličtiny, Broňa Sobotka?

    Broňu Sobotku, populárního učitele angličtiny, zná celý český internet. S jakými digitálními nástroji pracuje? Co mu pomáhá při výuce angličtiny a co používá pro organizaci svého času, práce a týmu?

    Event detail
    19. 3. 2024
    HR Heroes

    HR Heroes

    Use the full potential of Microsoft 365 in HR. Set your ideal flow; digitize and automate your daily tasks.

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