Technology and health

At first glance, it may seem that the topic of health does not belong to digital skills at all and therefore has nothing to do on our portal. But we like to connect individual topics and look at the world of digital skills from all different angles. And we perceive the topic of health as a basic building block of everything we do.

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Technology and health

Why is the topic important?

Technologies can have several different effects on how we work with our health. In some areas they can harm us, so it is good to see how to control them and not let them control us. They can affect your concentration, sleep or relationships with loved ones.

On the other hand, technology can help us a lot in taking care of our health. Whether they lead us to regular prevention or record our health data. Together with Loono, we have prepared an online course that disseminates the most important information regarding the prevention of civilization diseases - including cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc.

    What can we teach you?

    • What is nomophobia or FOMO syndrome and how to avoid digital dementa?
    • How to adjust the light sources around us correctly so that we can sleep better
    • You won't lose weight with a digital diet, but you can reduce the influence of environmental stressors
    • We will show you a lot of applications that will help us reduce the impact of technology on our health
    • How to self-examine #boobsandballs 
    • The main symptoms of an coming stroke or heart attack
    • Taking care of your blood pressure, intestines, mental health, teeth, but we will also touch on topics such as diabetes or asthma
    • We will also add a lot of interviews with experts and the experiences of patients who have gone through various diseases

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