Data Analytics in Power BI

This robust online educational program features a comprehensive analytical scenario divided into chapters and individual topics. You actively go through theory, tasks, tests, supporting videos, and solve real-world business intelligence challenges. Simultaneously, you build your Power BI report from scratch.

Data Analytics in Power BI
Josef Čada course lecturer
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Get a solid foundation for data analytics in Power BI. Study at your own pace (proven concept of self-paced learning). Get advice and guidance one-to-one. Our Power BI experts are here for you.

What is academy good for?

  • You will learn how to decode and process raw data in Power Query and calculate missing metrics in DAX. You will acquire the ability to create complex reports and share them using BI Service.
  • Learn how to clean and transform data in Power Query.
  • You will learn the basics of data architecture and modelling.
  • You will learn how to work with the DAX language and create metrics.
  • You will discover the principles for effective data storytelling.
  • Learn what effective business reporting looks like.
  • BONUS: You get the opportunity to consult with our Power BI experts.

Who is the program intended for

For data enthusiasts who know how highly valued Power BI skills are in organizations and on the job market. We will turn anyone who wants to have or is responsible for processing any organizational data into a Power BI star.

4 workshop recordings
25 hours of self-study
5 weeks program
1 hour with a Power BI expert
+ great foundation for data analytics with Power BI
basic course price 7 900 Kč *

Course price

* The price does not include 21 % VAT.

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References of our clients

DataBrothers Data Academy was very beneficial for me. It was a good comprehensive foundation with many practical exercises. The tasks were pleasantly challenging and the entire DataBrothers team provided great support throughout the academy. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking to get into Power BI.

Jiří Gawel

Jiří Gawel

Henry Schein

I have to commend this course and the trainers from DataBrothers for their great approach, level of expertise and overall delivery of the academy.
The main lecturer was Mr. Josef Cada, whose expertise was excellent as well as the pace of the presentation. In case you have a specific question, they are willing to call over the issue and explain it again. There is no need to be afraid to participate in the course. You will be shown and explained how to work with Power BI using very hilarious examples, from the recommended Power BI Desktop setup to distributing your reports.
I personally recommend participation to anyone who wants to get into the ins and outs of reporting and working with data in general.

Jan Kodet

Jan Kodet


Clear and well-structured topics for self-study supplemented by interaction in workshops where there is room for clarifying questions.
This model suits me better than traditional training because I can better manage my time for routine work.

Very satisfied with the Power BI Academy.
Special thanks to both trainers (Pepa Čada, Míra Těšínský)

Thanks to Power BI Academy:
a) I have a lot of great tips on what a meaningful data visualization should look like
b) I am no longer afraid of DAX
c) I have an overview of Power BI functionalities and possibilities of integration with other tools

Thanks to the creators of the academy for:
a) perfectly illustrated webinars
b) the thoughtful, practical chapters that got me thinking and getting to grips with Power BI
c) seminars where they were willing to answer anything
d) a comprehensive handout with useful tips in English :)

Thank you very much for the academy, I appreciate the thoughtfulness and sophistication of the exercises. I will definitely be coming back to them.


Jana Kozáková


Who is going to guide you through the academy?