Artificial Intelligence

The most popular buzzword. Artificial intelligence. It's fast becoming part of the mainstream. We'll show you how to bring it into your personal and professional life.

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Artificial Intelligence

Why get involved with artificial intelligence?

All aspects of modern society are increasingly influenced by artificial intelligence. From voice assistants on smartphones to algorithms recommending products on the internet. AI can be the key to significant cost savings, productivity gains or improvements in customer experience. AI also has the potential to solve many complex problems, such as medical diagnosis or traffic management. As AI continues to evolve, it is important to monitor developments and explore new opportunities.

    What can we teach you?

    • Fundamentals of AI and algorithms used to solve problems.
    • An overview of AI tools for everyday use.
    • Practical application of artificial intelligence in the enterprise environment to improve performance and lower costs.
    • Finding potential uses for AI in practice.

    How do we approach AI?



    Thanks to microlearning, we dose your digital revolution into individual lifehacks, which you can master even during a coffee break.

    Živé workshopy a webináře

    Live workshops and webinars

    Regular workshops and webinars give students the necessary contact with authority in the form of our friendly and experienced lecturers.

    Přehledný studijní portál

    Transparent study portal

    All study materials, links to educational videos, registration for workshops and other materials can be found in our study environment.


    We mould the ambassadors

    Our graduates become a solid point of digital transformation and can bring positive change to every work team.

    What we've prepared about this theme?

    30. 9. 2024
    AI Academy

    AI Academy

    There's no need to fear artificial intelligence; it won't take your job, quite the contrary! AI will make your work easier, allowing you to complete tasks in less time and with much less effort. All you need is to learn how to communicate with it and how to assign tasks correctly. And that's exactly what we'll teach you at our digital academy.

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    Microsoft Copilot 365 Academy

    Microsoft Copilot 365 Academy

    We have prepared educational content in Czech language for you and offer a comprehensive program in which we will introduce you to the most promising AI of today. Everything is clear, concise, and understandable.

    Motivational lecture with artificial intelligence

    Motivational lecture with artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is not a bogeyman! It can be a good servant. And most importantly. It's here, it's becoming part of our lives, whether we want it to or not. Do you want to get to know it thoroughly? We'd love to introduce it to you!

    AI teambuilding

    AI teambuilding

    Chcete stmelit tým, užít si zábavu a současně se naučit něco nového? Pojďte si pohrát s generativní umělou inteligencí, popusťte uzdu fantazii a pobavte se s kolegy!

    Do you want something special?

    Do you need the customized development of your whole company? Contact us or arrange an appointment with our consultant.