Trends and innovations

How is the digital world changing and what specific changes and technologies are still awaiting us? Some technologies and innovations may have yet to enter the business, but we can already see how these innovations bring interesting benefits, not only for us, but also for our partners and clients. Innovation also changes human behaviour, the type of products and services people buy, the way they consume information, the way they interact with the world. The digitization of society is inevitable and it is good to be prepared for it.

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Trends and innovations

Why is the topic important?

Digital technology develops so quickly that it is impossible for a person to follow all the news and innovations. But we can help you with that. We will present the latest trends that can be applied for more efficient work not only for you, but also for the entire team or company. We have prepared for you know-how from digital technology experts.

    What can we teach you?

    • What is Fintech? Fintech start-ups.
    • Digital trends - innovation in business.
    • Digital trends - customer innovations.
    • Digital trends - technological innovations.
    • Online trends and innovations.
    • Designing products and services based on the HCD methodology.
    • HCD methods and tools, HCD in practice.

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    Thanks to microlearning, we dose your digital revolution into individual lifehacks, which you can master even during a coffee break.

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    Regular workshops and webinars give students the necessary contact with authority in the form of our friendly and experienced lecturers.

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    Our graduates become a solid point of digital transformation and can bring positive change to every work team.