Terms and Condition


1. General provisions

  1. The operator of the Digiskills.cz portal is the company Digiskills s.r.o., Národní 416/37, 110 00 Praha 1, Trade no.: 05883075, Tax no.: CZ05883075 (hereinafter referred to as the "operator")
  2. The Digiskills.cz portal contains educational microlearning videos and other educational material that can be played and browsed on the portal (hereinafter referred to as the "portal").
  3. As a rule, videos are only available to users with a paid subscription. Some videos can be played by users for free, some videos can also be played by unsubscribed visitors to the portal.
  4. The operator is not responsible for the content of the videos and its impact on individual users.
  5. The operator is not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided in the videos. However, the operator tries to keep the content up to date and correct in terms of content.
  6. The operator is not responsible for possible drop-out of the portal.
  7. The operator reserves the right to terminate the membership at any time, even without giving a reason.
  8. In extreme cases, the operator can completely deny access to a specific user, even if the user is not logged in.
  9. Users are required to enter true information when registering and to keep it true throughout their presence within Digiskills. Entering false information may result in the account being deleted.
  10. It is strictly forbidden to share non-public content with third parties (i.e., content available only to paying users). This applies in particular to microlearning videos and the materials accompanying them.
  11. It is strictly forbidden to use the portal for any illegal activity.
  12. Abuse of any bug in the system is strictly prohibited.
  13. All content of the site is subject to the copyright of the operator. It is forbidden to modify, copy, resell or even pass it off as your own.


2. Orders and payments

  1. The operator on the Digiskills portal allows users to order a subscription. By paying for a subscription, the user gains access to non-public educational content.
  2. To create an order, you must voluntarily fill out the order form and enter the necessary information
    1. In the case of a natural person, the first name, surname and address are sufficient. Trade number and VAT number are optional.
    2. In the case of a legal entity, the name, address of the business, name and surname of the contact person. Trade number and VAT number are optional.
  3. An order with false information is invalid.
  4. SA subscription of a natural person (individual) entitles only that person to whom the account is registered to access the paid content.
  5. A subscription for legal entities allows the paid content to be accessed by those individuals to whom the legal entity provides access. However, the agreed user capacity must not be exceeded.
  6. The order becomes binding the moment it is sent.
  7. In the event of order cancellation, the operator reserves the right to charge the user who cancels the order an administrative fee. In case of cancellation of the workshop order at the time of:
    1. less than 72 hours before the workshop or webinar, the operator claims a cancellation fee of 50%,
    2. less than 36 hours before the workshop or webinar, the operator claims a cancellation fee of 100%.
  8. In the event of early termination of the subscription, the operator has the right not to return the rest of the amount, the amount of which corresponds to the remaining period of the subscription. In this case, however, the operator may not cancel the user's subscription. If the user's subscription is cancelled, the operator is obliged to return the amount.
  9. The operator allows a payment for the order to be made in at least one of the following ways:
    1. Payment via bank transfer based on the issued invoice.
    2. On line payment by card through a payment gateway, where the user is obliged to comply with the conditions.
  10. In the case of payment by card, the operator reserves the right to consider the subscription order as recurring. This means that when the subscription expires, it is automatically renewed for the following period and paid again. The user always has the option to cancel the automatic renewal of the subscription.
  11. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the subscription is unlocked within 3 working days (in practice it is usually within a few hours).
  12. In case of payment by card, the subscription is unlocked immediately.
  13. Subscription prices are final, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  14. Delivery of the product is online and is free of charge, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  15. The due date of invoices is 14 days, unless otherwise agreed.
  16. The data that the buyer enters when paying must be entered correctly. Otherwise, the order may be cancelled.


3. Complaints

  1. In the event of an order complaint, the buyer can contact the operator via email presented on the Contacts page. It is possible to place the order complaint within 3 days of its execution.
  2. The operator decides on each complaint individually.
  3. Obviously unfounded claims or claims with intent to harm the operator will not be accepted. These include, for example, order complaints, where the buyer has used the subject of the order and is trying to obtain a refund via the complaint, while keeping the subject of the order (for example, having the subject of the order already downloaded on a computer).
  4. The operator informs the buyer about the status and course of the complaint without undue delay.
  5. The deadline for settling a complaint is 30 days.
  6. Any handling of paid content after the claim has been settled by refund is prohibited.


4. Vouchers

  1. The operator reserves the right to provide users with vouchers.
  2. Using a voucher will unlock specific courses for the person who used the voucher, for up to 365 days.
  3. Different vouchers unlock different courses.
  4. Vouchers are non-transferable.
  5. Users are not entitled to vouchers. The operator provides vouchers completely voluntarily (e.g., as part of marketing events).
  6. The operator is not responsible for non-functional vouchers or vouchers that the user did not manage to use during the validity period.
  7. The operator reserves the right to revoke the user's access to courses that have been unlocked using vouchers.


5. Free content

  1. The operator reserves the right to provide users with free content.
  2. Free content are such courses that can be played by subscribed (and in special cases also unsubscribed) users.
  3. Free content for subscribed users is visibly marked.
  4. Free content for unsubscribed users is not marked. This type of content is used mainly in marketing campaigns (in newsletters, PPC campaigns, etc.).


6. Handling of personal data

  1. Information on the handling of the operator's personal data is contained in a separate document Principles of processing and protection of personal data available on the operator's portal.


7. Other provisions

  1. The operator has the right to remove any course from the portal without giving a reason.
  2. The operator is not responsible for incorrect information in the content of courses, websites or other educational materials.
  3. User registration is voluntary.
  4. A user account can be cancelled by the operator at the request of the user. Only the account of the person who requests it can be cancelled. It is not possible to cancel one person's account at the request of another person.
  5. The request for cancellation of the user account must be sent via the contact form on the portal.
  6. Cancellation of the account does not entitle the user to a refund of money already paid.
  7. The relationship between the operator and the user is governed by the valid legal regulations of the Czech Republic.


8. Change of TC

  1. The operator is entitled to unilaterally change these terms and conditions at any time.
  2. Users will be informed about the planned change of the Terms and Conditions via the portal and / or by sending information about the change to the registered email address, at least one month before the planned change takes effect.
  3. If the user does not agree with the change of the Terms and Conditions for any reason, he/she can cancel the subscription and cancel the user account within one month from the effective date of the new wording of the Terms and Conditions by sending a protest against the change of the Terms and Conditions to the email address podpora@digiskills.cz.In such a case, the operator shall return to the user a proportionate part of the payment paid, corresponding to the as yet unspent scope of services provided by the operator.

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