Data analytics

Do you want to create professional reports and process data yourself using Power BI? Whether you are a beginner or advanced, with our partners from DataBrothers you will learn how to create reports of the future - clear, transparent and playful at the same time.

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Data analytics

Why is the topic important?

IDC predicts that in 2025, 175 zettabytes of data will be managed worldwide (i.e., 1021bytes, so an awful lot). How to organize them? Learn how to get the right data from your customers, suppliers or partners, find out how you can easily connect and interpret it, and last but not least, present it further. Manage your business with the right metrics and data.

    What can we teach you?

    • Unravel and process available raw data and information
    • Create a meaningful report that is easy to read for colleagues and superiors
    • Calculate missing metrics or fill in incomplete data
    • Effectively present the resulting knowledge in the form of tables, matrices, graphs or maps
    • You will get to know the ecosystem of products from Microsoft and also the ecosystem of the entire Power BI
    • Thanks to the story-telling technique, you will learn to effectively present your data
    • You will learn to use advanced functions and calculations in the DAX language
    • You will get to know the advanced options of Power BI Service


    Our teaching methods



    Thanks to microlearning, we dose your digital revolution into individual lifehacks, which you can master even during a coffee break.

    Živé workshopy a webináře

    Live workshops and webinars

    Regular workshops and webinars give students the necessary contact with authority in the form of our friendly and experienced lecturers.

    Přehledný studijní portál

    Transparent study portal

    All study materials, links to educational videos, registration for workshops and other materials can be found in our study environment.


    We mould the ambassadors

    Our graduates become a solid point of digital transformation and can bring positive change to every work team.

    What we've prepared about this theme?

    Data Analytics in Power BI

    Data Analytics in Power BI

    This robust online educational program features a comprehensive analytical scenario divided into chapters and individual topics. You actively go through theory, tasks, tests, supporting videos, and solve real-world business intelligence challenges. Simultaneously, you build your Power BI report from scratch.

    Advanced Analytics in Power BI

    Advanced Analytics in Power BI

    Powerful educational online program aimed at deepening and anchoring your Power BI skills in the areas of DAX language, advanced visualizations, and data storytelling. Immerse yourself in a real business intelligence scenario, tackle real analytical challenges, and build professional reporting solutions.

    Do you want something special?

    Do you need the customized development of your whole company? Contact us or arrange an appointment with our consultant.