Effective work from home

Work from home, home office, work from anywhere, remote work. Companies are debating whether they are really that effective and suitable even in the post-covid era, all of us are trying to figure out how to set appropriate rules for working with colleagues. The main thing is not to lose our mind over it and to be able to concentrate even at home, but also to be able to turn off the computer at the right time and devote yourself to your loved ones and family.

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Effective work from home

Why is the topic important?

The transition from daily work in the office to work from home necessarily entails a change in habits and work procedures, a change in the way of communication, as well as greater demands for independence and responsibility. And that's not exactly a small bite.
Navíc každému z nás vyhovuje něco trochu jiného, máme doma jiné podmínky a univerzální recept neexistuje. Pojďte se podívat na to, jaké máte možnosti. Přinášíme spoustu tipů, jak si práci z domácí kanceláře nastavit.  

    What can we teach you?

    • What changes when working remotely and how to prepare
    • How to learn to manage yourself and not lose your mind
    • How to prepare with your colleagues and set the right operative rhythm
    • How to do effective meetings in an online environment
    • How to set up and use digital tools
    • How to share files and notes
    • How to make an effective video call
    • How to assign tasks
    • How to stay productive while working from home

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